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Unleash your inner marksman and show off your shooting skills with our fantastic range of Sniper games. A sniper rifle is one of the most effective long-range weapons available – snipers can be used to pick off single targets from distance and those who can shoot this type of weapon can count themselves among the elite. If you enjoy a challenge and testing your shooting skills then you will love our shooting games!

Sniper Games - Take aim, steady your breathing, allow for wind factor and fire!

The sniper is an elite trained individual who has immense shooting skills. They can pick targets off from long distances and leave without a trace. Snipers have an ultimate level of control, discipline and work ethic and can count themselves as some of the deadliest killers in the world.

Sniper browser games are some of the most popular shooting games available. They let you practice your shooting skills and take out some villains. Clear Vision 2 for example is a stickman sniper game - you are a hitman and must complete various contracted kills. Sniper Team, on the other hand, is a 3D sniper game in which you can choose from various vantage points to take out your enemies. The game even features zoom functionality and a range of different rifles. Finally, we have Sniper Ultimate Assassin 2 which is another stickman themed sniper game – use your shooting skills to take out different targets as quickly as possible.

These three titles represent just a small snippet of our sniper titles – there are many more to choose from! Why not take up arms, find a good position, and have a go at our sniper games today!

What are Sniper Games?

Sniper games are all about accuracy, stealth and clean eliminations. These games allow you to pick up a sniper rifle such as the deadly Barret and see how your shooting skills align. Draw up your weapon, look through your advanced zoom scope, allow for wind factor and pick your target!