Lego Games

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Lego has evolved over the years from an amazing physical toy, to a series of awesome online games. Lego is one of the most iconic and popular toys in the world – using Lego blocks you can create virtually anything that you can imagine! Lego games build upon this imagination and creativity and allow you explore vast 3D Lego worlds or enjoy fun Lego themed arcade games.

Lego Games – use your imagination and build with these classic blocks

Lego is one of the all-time classic toys and children’s franchise. Many people can remember playing with Lego during their childhood. In recent years, the Lego franchise has moved into the video game market and has created some fantastic titles such as Lego Batman and Lego World. Lego games combine the cool Lego blocks together with some fun gameplay and memorable characters.

Our choice of Lego browser games are a superb amount of fun and allow you to explore the amazing world of Lego. Lego City: My City 2 for example is an open world game in which you can use Lego blocks to build your very own city. Lego City: Airport on the other hand allows you to fly Lego planes in cool high speed races. If you love building and using your imagination, you are sure to enjoy our Lego games!

What are Lego Games?

Lego games are all about using your imagination to have fun and to create something truly breath-taking. Take control of the Lego blocks and start building, or maybe you can drive a Lego race car or fly a Lego plane? Whatever you do, you are sure to have fun and experience something new!