Truck Reign

Truck Reign is a side-scrolling truck driving game in which you must control a pickup truck and drive it across various platforms and obstacles. Instead of driving along a simple flat course, you must traverse a series of platforms with large gaps in-between them – using a combination of acceleration and breaking you must time your jumps right and avoid falling off the platform or tipping over and crashing.

During each level you must also try and collect the steering wheels that fall from the sky on parachutes. As you move the screen moves and you must not let the screen catch up with your truck otherwise you will have to restart the level. Each level presents a different range of platforms and obstacles and it becomes progressively harder to keep your truck moving! How many levels can you complete?


Truck Reign is developed by Alex Creativity and can be played here on


Left and right arrow to drive.


7.2 - 67 ratings


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