Trampoline Stickman

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Trampoline Stickman is a fun arcade game in which you must help stickman perform awesome flips on his very own trampoline! Use the left and right arrow keys to perform front and backflips and to gain extra height. For each successful flip you land, you gain a score, and your stickman also jumps higher!

Each jump you perform is rated out of 5 stars – you gain higher star ratings for landing your jump perfectly. As you progress you will jump higher and higher and have a chance to perform more flips per jump. With greater height however comes less control and you find it difficult to land properly! What high score can you register? Can you show off your awesome trampoline skills?

Release Date

This game originally is mobile apps that were released in December 2015 titled Trampoline Man, and since January 2018 you can play it online.


  • Simple and challenging gameplay
  • 3 game modes, classic, timed, and arcade
  • You can go as high as you can and do as many flips as you want


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). It's also available as an Android app and as an iOS app.


  • Hold left arrow to do a back flip
  • Hold right arrow to do a front flip


8.2 - 266 ratings


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Trampoline Stickman is an engaging stickman games game. Check it out on this page in your browser. It has received 47,637 plays and has received a rating of 8.3 / 10 with 252 votes. This addicting arcade game uses HTML5 to run flawlessly in most browsers. Trampoline Stickman can be played in fullscreen . Trampoline Stickman is available on your computer and as an installable game on your mobile devices (Android and iOS). Did you like playing this arcade game? Then try out our other stickman games or Stickman Archer 2 and Get On Top.