Math Smashers

Maths Smashers is a fun and challenging mental arithmetic game with a cool twist. You must take control of your smasher and use your mental maths skills to match up different combinations of numbers. During each level, you are presented with a target number, and a series of balls that will add up to create that number. You must match the balls together to create the correct combinations.

Be careful to avoid touching any of the balls however - one single touch and you will loose a life! Keep your smasher moving and watch out for any collisions. As you progress through the levels, the combinations become harder to calculate, and there are more pairs of balls to add up. Each pair you add up correctly leaves a coin for you to collect - these coins can be used to unlock different smashers with a variety of special abilities. How will your maths skills compare? Are you an agile maths genius?


This math arcade game is developed by Dr. Ludos.

Keyboard and mouse controls

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to shoot grappling hook

Mouse only controls

Left click on empty space to move and shoot grappling hook on the bubble.


8.0 - 35 ratings


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Math Smashers is an amusing math games game. Play it on this page in your browser. Math Smashers has received 3,568 plays and has been rated 8.0 out of 10 with 35 votes. Math Smashers is powered by Flash technology to work smoothly in modern browsers. In addition to playing Math Smashers on your computer, you can also install the Math Smashers app on your Android and iOS phone and tablet. If you like to play the game, also try our other math games or 8192 and 2048.