Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout Game modernizes the Atari classic Game. Classic breakout for the Atari was a superb game. This modern idle game, however, takes the genre to the next level. During the game, you have to click the colored blocks to earn cash. Each block you click earns you a set fee - this can be upgraded. You can then use the cash to purchase breakout balls and upgrades so that you can smash the blocks faster.

The upgrades are staggered - each progressive upgrade costs more. There are several different types of ball to choose from - the plasma ball, for example, has splash damage and travels quicker. Aside from the balls, you can also buy power-ups that only last for a set duration. The click fury power-up, for example, allows you to spawn power balls for 30 seconds wherever you click. See how far you can progress and how many levels of Idle Breakout you can complete.

Release Date

Idle Breakout was initially released in January 2019 and was updated in March 2019.


Idle Breakout is developed by Kodiqi.


  • An idle version of the famous classic Atari Breakout
  • Multiple balls with a unique parameter
  • Numbered bricks that represent the hit needed to destroy them
  • Addictive gameplay


Web browser. We also have the Android version.


Press LMB to destroy a brick.


9.1 - 528 ratings


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Idle Breakout is a terrific idle games game that you can play here on directly in your browser, free of charge. Idle Breakout has been played by 131,244 people and has been rated 9.1 out of 10 by 499 people. Kodiqi developed Idle Breakout. Idle Breakout uses HTML5 to work without trouble in modern browsers. Did you like playing this clicker game? Then take a look at our other idle games or Grow Defense and Dogs vs Homework.