is a superb multiplayer combat based .io game in which you must compete in an arena against other players and attempt to destroy them with your weapon. Before you start fighting, you can choose your character skin and username – different characters have different types of weapons so choose one that you like! Weapons include Samurai Swords, Maces, Axes and long swords to name a few.

Once you have chosen your character you can enter the arena and start fighting! Use your mouse to move and direct your character, and use the space bar or left click to perform mighty swings with your weapon. It takes just one hit to kill an opponent, but in the same instance you can also be killed with one hit so be careful! Collect the colored jellies that are scattered on the ground to improve your score and boots the length of your weapon. If you want to move in for the kill or escape from danger, you can always use your dash ability. Can you wield your weapon and conquer the Goons arena?

Developer is developed by Clown Games, the same developer who created and


The game is available in your web browser, as an iOS app, and as an Android app.


  • Move your mouse to move the character
  • Space bar or left click to attack
  • W or right click to dash


8.9 - 7456 ratings


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