Duck Life 4

Train your own racing duck in Duck Life 4! Once again you enter the amazing world of racing duck training. This is the fourth installment of the popular series and brings with it some cool new changes and gameplay variations. The aim of the game remains the same - compete in racing tournaments with your beloved racing duck. How you train and improve your duck has changed slightly, however.

In previous versions, a duck’s skills could all be trained at once. This is now not the case. Train each skill individually and improve the statistics that you prize the most. New skills are unlocked as you win tournaments so the game has a great overall sense of progression.

To gain tournament invitations, complete basic activities such as sparring competitions. Once you win tournaments, unlock new skills but also collect coins to purchase duck upgrades.

Another amazing feature of Duck Life 4 is that you can train more than one duck. Purchase new ducks and train up a complete team of elite racing champions. Ensure to pay attention to each duck and upgrade their skills accordingly. A weak link could lag behind and cost you a tournament victory.

Try out this Adobe Flash player title today and see if you can train a magnificent team of triumphant ducks. If you enjoy this latest version, be sure to try out the previous titles too as they are just as fun and exciting.


Duck Life 4 is developed by Wix Games.


This game is available in your web browser, as an Android app, and as an iOS app.


Years after the original release, Wix Games released Duck Life Space. Try it out now!

Speed program

Use left and right arrow to move the duck. Jump into the holes and stay on the screen.

Endurance program

Use left and right arrow to move the duck. Try not to get hit by the falling objects.


1234 to control your duck. Dodge the obstacles by pressing the corresponding number.


8.4 - 8038 ratings


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Duck Life 4 is a fantastic running game that you can enjoy here on, for free. It has been played by 610,875 people and has been rated 8.4 out of 10 with 8,012 votes. It is developed by Wix Games. This highly addicting skill game is built with WebGL to work in modern browsers. It can be played in full-screen . Duck Life 4 is available on your computer and as a mobile app. If you liked the game, try out our other running or Sports Hero and Rocking Sky Trip.