is a fantastic multiplayer .io game in which you must control a vehicle that has a circular flair attached. You must try and increase the size of your flail and use it to destroy other players. The size of your flail starts off really small and it grows when you collect the crystals that are scattered on the map – crystals also appear when an enemy is destroyed and the larger they were, the larger the crystals that are dropped.

If you come into contact with another players flail then you are deleted and must start again – alternatively if you manage to touch another player with your flail, you will destroy them. This game is fast paced and you must keep moving and stay alert. Watch out for the red areas as if you touch them you will be instantly destroyed. Furthermore, watch out for the small green triangular shapes – you can run over these to increase your mass. Can you be brutal and conquer the arena, or will you be deleted?

Developer is developed by Andre Almeida, the same guy who developed


  • Use your mouse to move
  • Left click to detach flail
  • Hold left click to attach flail


8.8 - 1431 ratings



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