BBTan Online

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BBTan Online is an addicting ball shooting game which can keep you entertained for hours! Shoot your ball and destroy the numbered geometric shapes. The number on the shapes indicates how many times you need to hit them to destroy them. There are several power-ups that you can hit. For example, there is a power-up which gives you 1 additional ball to shoot, one which lets you attack all shapes horizontally, another one which lets you attack all shapes vertically, and once which lets you bounce the ball when hit. Use each of them to help you to destroy shapes efficiently. Don't just aim for 1 shape, instead try to hit multiple shapes at once by aiming well. Collect money to unlock new balls and don't let the shapes hit your side. Have fun!


Drag the left mouse button backwards and release to shoot.


8.5 - 346 ratings


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BBTan Online is a first-rate bubble shooter game that you can play here on in your browser. It has been played 55,735 times and has been rated 8.5 / 10 with 341 votes. BBTan Online uses HTML5 to work flawlessly in all modern browsers. If you like BBTan Online, also play our other bubble shooter games such as 99 Balls and Toops.