HTML5 & WebGL Games

We are looking for HTML5 Game Developers

At we believe in the future of web-based games. With WebGL now widely supported on Desktop, and coming up for mobile, the technology is becoming our main focus as a gaming portal. What this means concretely, is that we are looking for game developers who can export a trial or full version of their game to HTML5 to partner with.

We can offer traffic and sponsorships

What we can offer is any combination of the following:

  1. A monthly audience of more than 10 million people to promote your game to.
  2. Revenue based on performance (PRIVATE BETA). Contact us for details.
  3. Established contacts with many big game portals in countries all over the world.
Exporting to HTML5 is a great idea

A free HTML5 version of your game is a great way to drive traffic to your iOS, Android and / or Steam games. The hardest part about being a game developer is actually getting people to play your game. The browser games market still has millions of people playing every day, and will grow again with the advent of WebGL and WebAssembly. With its massive audience and existing game portals, it is a great place to publish your game. In addition to getting immediate plays, it can also bring traffic to the iOS, Android, or Steam versions of your game. We will help you in doing just that, and make money while doing so.

Let's get started!

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