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Get a taste of the past and battle others with our complete list of the most popular .IO games! Don't let the graphics fool you. While there are lots of great, fun and easy games, you'll still find a great selection for those who crave a bit of challenge. But the fun doesn't stop there.  For the first time, games dating as far back as the '80s and '90s now have online multiplayer added! This means you get to show your mad skills in real-time or beat people's high scores on the Leaderboard.

Get ready to return to the world of classic Snake with its improved, multiplayer-enabled friend, Run around the board eating cool glowing orbs to grow your snake. But watch out! Other players are after the same food and all it takes is one collision with them (or yourself) to stop your poor critter in its tracks! Control a black hole in, a recent addition to the .io games category that is a lot of fun. Absorb anything that comes close to you, including other players. Time is limited, so be quick! If you'd like a taste of the simple life, then nothing's simple than being a cell in games like! Float around eating small, colored dots to grow, evolve and, of course, multiply. But watch out for your larger brothers and sisters, or your journey will be cut short!

The Fortnite / PUBG inspired io games are also a lot of fun. In this genre, our 2 most popular games are and the amazing Zombs Royale. Fight until you're the last player surviving in an ever-shrinking arena! Whether you're a fan of strategy, retro, shooters or platform games, you'll have plenty to choose from. So go back to a simpler time and take the fight to others while you're at it!

What are {full_name_uc}? .io Games?

Io games are a series of real-time multiplayer games of which the name ends in "io". They are casual MMO games that involve battles between players in an arena. Players can earn points by killing other players. The top players are listed on the leaderboard in the game. The most famous .IO games are and