Unfortunately is not available on your platform. The related games below are available though, so try one of these instead! is a cool space battle game in which you must compete against other players to create the biggest star in the universe. You control a single star and must collect stardust to increase in mass. The stardust is scattered around the map and for each piece you collect your star increases in mass. The bigger you become, the greater your atomic mass - planets will become attracted to your gravitational field and you will gain bonuses.

Be sure to avoid contact with meteors as they will instantly kill you. Furthermore, you must avoid contact with other players as they seek to destroy you - you can use your dash move (space bar) to attempt to kill the other players but you must time this attack carefully to be successful. As you increase in mass you become harder to kill so keep moving and stay alert! Starflict features cool gameplay, fun music, and has a great following - create your own star today and attempt to rule the universe!

Developer is developed by Maximillian Xavier from Arizona.


Move your mouse to move the star.


8.6 - 517 ratings



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