Rage War

Rage War is a fantastic RTS MMO game with great graphics, exciting gameplay and superb playability. You are a time-traveller, but your time machine has broken and you are stuck in the past. To survive and work your way back through the ages, you must build a settlement and establish a thriving community. You must first create a stable economy by building resource gathering structures. With these resources you can then build additional structures such as barracks from which you can build troops.

You can also generate science points to unlock new technologies and research new structures and units for your settlement. Aside from the base building aspect, you can also compete in the campaign mode and fight against monsters and barbarians to unlock cool rewards. There is also a PvP aspect to the game and you can join a guild to fight alongside other players. Can you repair your time machine or will you create a civilisation that can last the ages?


Rage War is developed by Fury Studio.


Left click to play.


8.7 - 477 ratings


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Rage War is an excellent mmo game. You can check it out here, free of charge. This highly addicting adventure game is powered by WebGL to run in all modern browsers. The game is available online and as an Android game and as an iOS game. You can play Rage War in full-screen. This game has been played by 42,541 people and has been rated 8.7 out of 10 by 470 people. Did you like playing this game? Then try out our other mmo or Family Barn and Empire: World War 3 (Millennium Wars).