Unfortunately is not available on your platform. The related games below are available though, so try one of these instead! is an intense multiplayer bubble boat battle game that is all about accuracy and smart maneuvering. You control a boat in a bubble, and you need to push the bubble in order to move around in the arena. You need to hook other players' boat to kill them; it only takes one hook to kill them, but the same applies to you! Collect scattered orbs on the map to grow your bubble and hook size. A bigger bubble means better maneuvering skills and a bigger hook means that is becomes easier to hook enemies. If you happen to be the top player, your location appears on the map. When this happens, more players are likely to come to your location to try to take you down. Prove that your hook is the mightiest of them all!

Developer is developed by Doan Vu Duy.


  • Use your mouse to move
  • Left click to hook
  • Right click to boost speed


8.9 - 937 ratings



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