PacMan FPS

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This is classic Pacman but with a twist! Instead of playing the top-down retro version, you are diving into a 3D maze and tackling the ghosts head on in an action packed first person Pacman shooter! Each level features a different Pacman maze and you must collect the dots (like in the original) and avoid being eaten by the ghosts!

Aside from collecting the dots, you are also armed with a gun and can blast the attacking ghosts apart. As you travel through each maze, you can collect berry’s to restore your HP and the plus icon to replenish your gun’s ammunition. The levels increase in difficulty and you must collect more dots. Watch out for the ghosts and keep alert – you never know when they may surprise you! Jump into the world of Pacman and play this cool twist on a retro classic today!

Character controls

  • W or up arrow to move forward
  • S or down arrow to move backward
  • AD or left/right arrow to look left and right
  • Left click or space bar to shoot


9.2 - 699 ratings


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This is a high-quality pacman games game. You can check it out on CrazyGames, free of charge. PacMan FPS has been played 58,130 times and has received a rating of 9.2 / 10 by 582 people. The game is made with HTML5 technology to run flawlessly in most browsers. You can play it in full-screen to avoid any distractions. If you enjoyed PacMan FPS, also try our other pacman games or Real Mech Robot - Steel War 3D and Crazy Digger 2.