Boomerang Chang

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Standing on top of the famous Little Ninja Hill, Chang has been under attack for decades. But he is getting tired and now, he needs your help to survive... So let's help Chang by throwing boomerangs, a skill he masters like no one else does. But take care, because the biggest threat is... you! Try to take down as many enemies and survive as long as possible.

Make sure you also try out the Boomerang Chang Android app and the iOS version!

Release Date

The initial release date is January 2015 as Flash game and updated in February 2018. The game now is in HTML5 with a bigger resolution and can be played on mobile.


Boomerang Chang is developed by Michel Gerard and published by Michel has also made other amazing games such as 10 More Bullets.


  • Impressive boomerang throwing game to eliminate whilst avoiding enemies that are coming from both sky and land
  • Cool gameplay, you can only jump and throw boomerang to the right direction
  • Thrown boomerang is always bouncing back if it doesn't hit an enemy, make sure to throw it precisely and don't kill yourself


Boomerang Chang is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). It's also available as an Android app and as an iOS app.


  • Up arrow to jump
  • Right arrow to throw boomerang


8.2 - 426 ratings


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Boomerang Chang is a terrific arcade game that you can enjoy on this page in your browser, for free. Boomerang Chang is made with HTML5 to work fast in all modern browsers. In addition to playing the game in your browser, you can also play it on your Android and iOS phone and tablet. This game has been played by 55,801 people and has received a rating of 8.2 out of 10 by 424 people. Did you like playing this arcade game? Then take a look at our other arcade games or to Boomerang Chang 2 and 10 Bullets - HTML 5.