Bazooka and Monster

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Bazooka and Monster is a fun platform game that is based on physics and shooting. You control a jungle warrior who is armed with a huge bazooka - using your bazooka you must destroy the attacking monsters! Each monster is located on a different platform in the level and you must aim carefully to hit them. Some monsters are hidden and you must bounce your rockets off of metal barriers.

Other monsters are sat on moving platforms and you must time your shots carefully to score a hit. Finally, on other levels, the metal platforms move also so you must find the right angle to ricochet your rockets, but also time your shot right when the platform is in the right position! Each level presents a new challenge and as you progress so does the difficulty. Can you complete all 18 levels and get 3 stars on each?


Left click to shoot.


8.6 - 111 ratings


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This is an engaging bazooka game. It can be played here directly in your browser. The game uses HTML5 to work without trouble in most browsers. This game has been played by 8,229 people and has been rated 8.6 / 10 by 108 people. Did you like playing this shooting game? Then also play our other bazooka games or to Sniper Clash 3D and (Squadd Royale).